Your donors can donate stock in publicly traded companies to any of our international partners. By donating stock, they can increase the value of their donation by 25%. Here's how:

If your donor owns 10 shares of Amazon (let's say, valued at $1,000), they have two ways of donating you the value:

  1. If the donor sells the stocks, they have $10,000 in cash, but must pay a 20% capital gains tax, leaving them $8,000. The donor donates $8,000 to you, and they receive a tax-receipt for $8,000 (so, in total, $16,000 in value).
  2. If the donor donates you the stock (through our international partner), there is no capital gains tax, as charities are exempt. Meaning that the donor receives a tax-receipt for $10,000 (the fair market value of the stock), and after we sell the stock, you receive a $10,000 donation (so, in total, $20,000 in value).

Donating stock from the United States

Here are the details that you'll provide your American donors to enable them to donate stock. After the transfer has been made, please contact us so that we can initiate the sale of the stock, and then transfer you the funds.

  • Account Owner: America Gives, Inc.
  • Account number (if transferring from a Fidelity account): Z50810444
  • Account number (if transferring from a non-Fidelity account): 39900000750810444
  • Routing number: 101205681
  • Fidelity Investments DTC: 0226
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