IsraelGives is proud to provide you with technology that has been proven to help you raise more money that any other fundraising platform in Israel. To create, maintain, and secure this technology, we have a staff of 6 full-time programmers. To fund this platform, we charge a small membership plan fee, and a transaction fee.

However, we understand that some organizations cannot - or do not want - to pay a fixed monthly fee for our services. So we enable them to still use our fundraising platform, only with a supplemental transaction fee.

There are 3 types of membership plans that we offer. The type of membership that you have will determine the transaction fee that you'll pay on your donations.

To change your plan from within your account, click here.

International Membership

This is the standard membership plan for organizations that are serious about fundraising. It costs ₪199 per month. With this membership, you'll be able to connect your existing credit card or PayPal accounts to our platform, or allow us to manage your donations for you with the Isracard-IsraelGives payment account. You'll receive unlimited use of our platform, including unlimited MYSITE donation forms and campaigns. You'll also appear higher in our website's search results, increasing your chances of receiving donations.

The transaction fees are as follows:

Israeli Shekels

  • If we process your donations using your existing Isracard or Visa CAL merchant accounts, we charge you a 1.9% transaction fee. We'll invoice you once every quarter (3 months) to collect this fee. You'll pay the credit card fee directly to your credit card processing provider (Isracard or Visa CAL).
  • If you process donations using the IsraelGives-Isracard account, we charge a 3.9% transaction fee, which includes the standard credit card fee. There is also a fixed fee of ₪1.20 for transactions greater than ₪20 (for smaller donations there is no fixed fee).

Foreign Currencies

Our fees are as follows:

  • Check and wire transfer (US): 2.5%
  • Check and wire transfer (Outside of US): 5%
  • Online donations: 5%
  • Stocks and estate donations: 5%

In addition, there is a fixed fee of ₪1.90 per transaction. Note as well as UK donations are eligible to receive an additional 12% donation if the donor opted-in to Gift Aid.

Israel Membership

This plan is meant for those fundraising only in Israel. We'll process donations using your existing merchant account (or you can create an IsraelGives-Isracard merchant account). You'll receive unlimited use of our platform, including unlimited MYSITE donation forms and campaigns.

  • The Israeli Shekel transaction fees are the same as in the International membership.
  • However, when you receive a foreign currency donation, you'll pay an additional 2.5% transaction fee.

Without a membership (Introductory plan)

This is the default option for those just starting out, or who really don't want to pay a monthly fee. To process donations, you'll use the IsraelGives Merchant account. The transaction fees are as follows:

  • Israeli Shekels: 5.9% plus ₪1.20 per transaction. This includes the standard credit card fee .
  • Foreign currency: 7.5% plus a fixed fee of ₪1.90 per transaction.


  • If you receive a foreign currency donation before you're approved to receive donations from our international partner, there will be a supplemental 2.5% fee.
  • If you're using your own merchant account to process payments, and don't have a solution for a particular card brand (for instance, if you have an Isracard merchant account you will not be able to process Diners cards or foreign cards), we will process payments using the IsraelGives merchant accounts. In those cases, a supplemental 2% transaction fee will apply.
  • For donations made in installments (תשלומים) an additional 0.5% fee will apply.
  • When you've received more than ₪200 a month in recurring donations, a monthly fee of ₪99 for use of the recurring donation system will apply.
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