In addition to making one-time donations, your donors can make recurring monthly donations. As opposed to payments made in installments, recurring donations are donations that will repeat every month until either you, or the donor, choose to stop the payment.

You can view and manage your recurring donations through the Recurring tab in your account. You can view the status and details of all of your recurring donations, see which campaigns they donated from, see how much their recurring donation has been worth, and directly email your donors.

In addition to recurring monthly donations, we also support recurring annual payments (great for membership campaigns).

When do recurring donations recur?

Recurring donations will repeat every month on the same day of the month. So if a donation was made on June 6th, then it will repeat again on July 6th. If a donation is made on March 31st, then the following month (which does not have 31 days), we'll make the payment on the last day of the month (April 30), and then the next month charge on the same day of the month (May 30).

Problems with the payment card

In the event that there's a problem with the donor's payment method, we'll try 3 times to process the payment, on three consecutive days.

  • In the event that the payment method starts working again, the recurring donation will continue from that date (so if a recurring donation was started on April 4 and we then tried to process it on May 4 but were not successful until May 6, then the next month's charge will be made on June 6).
  • If we're not successful after 3 attempts, we'll stop the recurring donation and send an email notification to your organization's contact people, as recorded in your account. This will give you a chance to contact the donor and ask them to re-start a recurring donation with a new payment method.

Infinite Donations

Recurring donations can stop for many reasons, but the most common is that the card's expiry date has changed, or the card was cancelled or replaced. Luckily, we have a feature called Infinity Donations, where we automatically attempt to obtain from the credit card companies the number or expiry date of the new card issued to the donor. If we do, we'll automatically replace the payment method, and the recurring donation will continue. In this way, your recurring donations could, in theory, run forever 😀

Manually stopping a recurring donation

  • A donor may stop their recurring donation at any time through their IsraelGives account, or by contacting their credit card company.
  • You may also stop a donation through the Recurring tab in your account.

Payment methods

We accept recurring donations both by credit card and also by Paypal.

Creating a donation page with recurring donations

When creating a MYSITE donation form, you can add different frequencies to your donation form. If you select "monthly", then donors will be able to make recurring monthly donations on your donation form.

To load the donation form with the "monthly" frequency open by default, just add freq=2 to the URL of your donation form. So if your donation form's URL is usually

just change it to:

To learn more about adding parameters to your donation form, click here.

Monthly suggested donation sums

You are able to select suggested donation sums specific for monthly donations. So while you can select larger sums like 100, 200, 500, 1000, and 5000 as suggested sums for your one-time donations, you can select smaller sums like 20, 50, 75, 100, and 200 as your suggested monthly sums.

  • Note that if you don't select suggested donation sums, we'll just use our platform's default sums.
  • Note as well that SmartSums, our AI algorithm that creates suggested donation sums based on your donor's donation history, will create custom monthly sums for your donor as well.


When a donor makes their first donation, we'll send them a customizable email confirmation, and a PDF tax-receipt in your organization's name. Then, every time the donation recurs, we will create a new receipt but not email it to the donor.

  • We do this for strategic reasons - we don't believe that it's good fundraising to "remind" your donor every month that they're still donating - it's best just to let the donation become part of their monthly routine.
  • The donor at any time (or come tax-time) can access all of their receipts through their account.
  • However, if you prefer that donors receive their receipts by email on a monthly basis, just let us know and we can configure this for you.


If your organization is based in Israel, there is a ₪99 monthly fee for using our recurring donation platform. However, this fee is only charged once you've successfully raised over ₪200 in recurring donations.

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