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Yes. We currently support donations in 35 international currencies.
When creating your donation form, you can decide which of these currencies you'd like to add to your form.

The default currency of your country (what we call a home currency) is always processed using your own payment processor. So if you're a Canadian organization, we'll process CAD donations using your Stripe or Paypal accounts. And if you're an Israeli organization, using your Isracard or Visa CAL accounts.

Other currencies are processed according to these rules:

  • If the donation is in a currency for whom we have an international partnership that can provide tax-deductible receipts to the donors of that currency, we'll process the donation using that partner. So, for donations in Euro, we'll process the donation using our French partner Fonds de Dotation IG.

For currencies for which we don't have an international partnership:

  • If you're from Israel, the donation will be processed using one of our international partners which we've found pays the lowest fees on payments in that currency (for example, Russian Ruble will be processed using our British partner, because the credit card fee is only 1.4%)

  • If you're an international organization, we'll process the donation using your Stripe account (note that Paypal Payments Pro does not support international currencies). 

The currencies that we support are:
Israeli Shekels
U.S. Dollars
Canadian Dollars
Pound Sterling
Australian Dollar
Danish Krone
Hong Kong Dollar
Hungarian Forint
Norwegian Krone
New Zealand Dollar
Polish Zloty
Singapore Dollar
Swedish Krona
Swiss Franc
Russian Ruble
Korean Won
UAE Dirham
Algerian Dinar
Egyptian Pound
Lebanese Pound
Moroccan Dirham
Qatari Rial
Saudi Riyal
Turkish Lira
South African Rand
Brazilian Real
Argentine Peso
Ukrainian hryvnia
Mexican peso
Peruvian Sol
Colombian peso

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