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Using our API and iframe methods, you can authorize payments without processing them. If you'd like to process an authorized transaction, you will "capture" it. We support authorizing and capturing transactions by both credit card and Paypal.

After you’ve sent donations to us for authorization, you can capture those transactions using the following API:

There are a number of working methods that you may use in capturing authorized transactions

1 . ProcessAuthorizedDonations - processes all donations that are authorized and not yet captured. Accepts user and password for security, and amuta_gov_id and project_id for validating that the correct project and organization are being executed. Since it runs asynchronously, the last parameter is a return url activated at the end of the process:

  • User - We will provide you separately (contact us)

  • Password -  We will provide you separately (contact us)

  • AmutaGovId 

  • ProjectId 

  • returnURL 

2. ProcessAuthorizedDonation -  Performs same as above , but for a specific transaction

  • User

  • Password

  • AmutaGovId 

  • DonationId

  • Returns :<Status>int</Status> - 0 success, 1 fail        <Message>string</Message> - error message if failed        <TransactionId>long</TransactionId> - transaction id for successful donation

3. AuthorizedDonationSummary - Returns a json of all authorized transactions and their statuses:

  • User

  • Password

  • AmutaGovId 

  • ProjectId 

  • Structure of json

  • long AuthorizationDonationId  - authorized donation id

  • string AuthorizationDate  - date of authorization

  • int AuthorizationStatusId status of authorization- 2 successful, 3 failed

  • string Currency - currnecy short name - NIS,USD,GBP,CAD,EUR

  • long DonationId - capture donation id

  • string DonationDate  - capture date

  • int DonationStatusId - capture status - same as authorization

  • string ErrorCode - error code in case donation failed (Not authorization)

  • string ErrorMessage  - message of failure




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