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We understand and value the importance that nonprofits place on quality data and donor management. Your use of our online fundraising platform should enhance your data management and fundraising goals. Therefore, as part of our continuum of tools, we have developed an API to help you process your donations from your own website.

We have APIs for processing payments by both credit card and by PayPal.

API web service – for payment by credit card

To view a list of all of the API's values and parameters, click here.

Note that you cannot use the API without a unique username and password that we create for you, so before your production implementation of the API, contact us and obtain your charity's credentials.

Additional Functions

  • For authorizing a payment (not charging but validating the card and making sure the donor has enough funds) pass the following in the customfields: authorize_only=true

  • Storing affiliate code as part of the donation record affiliateSpecialCode=xxxxxx

  • Installments: installments=x where x is number of payments

  • For storing other values in custom fields table: CF1=xxx&Cf2=yyyy&CF3=zzzz

API web service – for payment by Paypal

In addition to accepting payments by credit card, the IsraelGives API also accepts payments by PayPal. The address for the PayPal integration page is: https://secured.israelgives.org/donationapi/paypalintegration.aspx

Using the HTTP Post method, we can accept all of these parameters


  • PayPal Express Checkout will use IsraelGives account credentials, unless the charity has its own account and proute is the MYSITE of that charity.

  • Return URL is the address to where the page returns when the user cancels the transaction, or when the user is redirected after the transaction is complete. The parameters that are passed back are:

  • pStatus – 1 – for success, 2 for failure or cancel

  • pTransactionId – if the transaction is successful, this parameter will contain the donation id in Israel toremet system

  • pExternalId – the id that was transferred to the Paypal integration page

  • pErrorCode – for canceled will contain 0, otherwise the error as received from paypal or Israel toremet system

  • pMessage – will contain  “canceled” when the user cancels , or error message on other errors

  • Example of a url when returning from a cancellation:

url + pStatus=2&pErrorCode=0&pMessage=canceled&pExternalId=XXXXX

  • Example if url when retuning from successful donation:

url + pStatus=1&pTransactionId=XXXXX&pExternalId=YYYYYY;

  • Example of url when returning from failed donation:

url + pStatus=2&pErrorCode=ZZZZZZ&pMessage=error message

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