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You might not be using IsraelGives as your main CRM, so we have a number of ways that you can export and sync your IsraelGives data into your CRM.


Zapier is a great tool for connecting any CRM to IsraelGives. We can open you up access to a Master Donation file, which contains information about all of your donors, campaigns, and so on. You the just need to map our fields into the fields of your favorite CRM. Contact us if you'd like us to set up a Zapier link for you.

XML web service
Below is a description of our XML web service API for exporting donors, donation details, and PDF tax-receipts:

The API is a web service that can be found here:

It receives 4 parameters:

  1. User ID of client

  2. Password of client

  3. Start date

  4. End date

The data exported will be all the donors and their donations in the selected date range. The data will be exported using web services, and the result will be sent in the following structure:

<string xmlns="http://tempuri.org/">
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF- 8"?>

<donor_first_name><![CDATA[ישראלה ]]></donor_first_name>
<donor_last_name><![CDATA[ישראלי ]]></donor_last_name>
<donor_city><![CDATA[תל אביב ]]></donor_city>
<donor_email><![CDATA[[email protected]]]></donor_email>
<transaction_date>31/21/2011 13:08:23.820</transaction_date>
<project_name><![CDATA[Fighting Cancer]]></project_name>


  • Each value that is stored in the database as a number will have also the textual value of it (Country ID and Name, Status ID, and name)

  • Textual values entered by the donor will be sent in cdata wrapper.

  • donor_id – unique identifier of the donor

  • donation_item_id – unique identifier of donation

  • donor_ssn – teudat zehut

  • custom_field – a list of the requested custom fields, separated by the character ~

  • frequency – 1 – regular , 2 – monthly, 3  - annual

  • receipt_I4U – the number of the receipt as appears in invoice4u account

  • comments – text entered on the donation form , personal_message – text from ecard

  • first_donation_of_recurring – indication that this donation is recurring, and this was the first in the list (True/False)

  • Installments – no of installments (Tashlumim)

Export to json format
This method converts the xml into json format

  • To preserve structure of json with arrays, if there are results then at least 2 donors items are created. If there is only one donor, then we create another empty one with donor_id = -2

  • To preserve structure of json with arrays, we always have 2 doantions under the donor, even if there is only one real one. So fake donation id will also be -2

  1. User ID of client

  2. Password of client

  3. Donation item id, as received previously in the xml.

The result is a byte array that represents serialization of the actual file.

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