Times have changed, and so have we. Now, with FundMe by IsraelGives, you can create a crowdfunding campaign and pay no platform fees at all.

Instead of charging you a fee, we ask your donor to leave us a tip to fund our platform. The only thing that you pay is the credit card fee of 2.9% + 70 agurot per donation. There are no set-up fees for creating a campaign, and you can create as many campaigns as you like, in English, Hebrew, or in both languages.

You can also receive donations in 40 international currencies, and give tax-deductible receipts to your American, Canadian, British, European, and Australian donors.

Please note that:

  • If the donation is made in a foreign currency. the fee is 5% plus 1.90 NIS.

  • The standard credit card fee listed above applies to payments made using Visa, Mastercard, and Isracard credit cards issued in Israel (which make up, on average, 92% of donations that we process). For payments made using other brands, tourist cards, and Paypal, the fee may be slightly higher.

  • These fees are the same whether you fundraise for yourself, or for a non-profit organization. However, non-profits are required to be members of IsraelGives, as well as create an IsraelGives-Isracard account (or connect their own merchant account) in order to benefit from these fees.

  • The fees listed here do not include VAT.

Turning off the Tip Functionality

The tip model is now the default upon creating a campaign, but if you don't want it to appear, just let us know by live chat or by email, and we'll remove it from your campaign. Note that in that case, the platform fee will be 3.9% for non-profits and 4.9% for private fundraisers.

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