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IsraelGives Stores is a platform which makes it easy for you to set up an online store. Use your store to sell products, services, raffle tickets, tickets to fundraising events, and more!

IsraelGives Stores is bilingual - create a store in English and also in Hebrew. You can also sell in up to 40 international currencies.

To learn about how to create your store, click here. And to learn about how you can embed the store directly into your own website, click here.


There are no set-up or monthly fees, and you can create as many Stores as you like. The transaction fee on Stores is the same as the transaction fee of your other donations.

Email confirmations

You can create a unique email confirmation for every Store that you create. Just note the ID of your Store (or remember the name that you gave it).

Then, head to the email confirmation editor, and select the projectemail confirmation for a specific project" and select the name/ID of your store


  • Israeli Shekels: We can automatically issue PDF e-receipts for every purchase (just make sure that you're signed up for our e-receipting service and e-receipts will be issued automatically on every purchase). By default, the document that we'll issue is a kabala (קבלה), as opposed to the קבלה על תרומה that we issue for donations that you receive. If you'd like to change this, just let us know.

  • Foreign currencies: e-receipts are automated issued for every purchase.

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