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I wanted to let you know about some new features that we've recently released

IsraelGives Stores

We've just launched a brand new platform that helps you to create an online store to sell products and services, right from your own website. To learn more, click here.

0% platform fee on FundMe crowdfunding campaigns

We've removed all platform fees from FundMe, our campaign platform. Now you only pay the credit card fee. To learn more, click here.

Install our donation form as a pop-up - with only one line of code!

Now you can install our MYSITE donation form as a pop-up right in your own website - with only one line of code! To learn more, click here.

Add users to your account

From now on, you can add additional users to your organization's account. They'll have full access to your account, with the only difference being that they'll need to log in using this URL address: https://backoffice.israelgives.org/en/AmutaLogin

New WYSIWYG editor

We've upgraded the HTML editor that you use to create campaigns and donation page. It's packed with more features and expanded abilities. Let us know what you think!

Rewards and Ambassadors campaigns - Together!

Now you can create a rewards campaign that's also an ambassadors campaign. Check out this campaign for an example.

Emailing sending address

When donors donate to your organization, they instantly receive an email confirmation, with your Organization's name as the Sender name and your email address as the Sender email address.

However, many of you reported that some of the emails were being flagged by Gmail as SPAM, because we were sending emails on your behalf while not actually being you (we know, it's quite the existential quandary ;).

To resolve this, from now on, the sender email address (which the donor doesn't really see) will be [email protected] (ex. [email protected]), while the reply-to address will be your organization's email address (meaning that if the user clicks "reply", he'll respond directly to you.

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