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As part of our fundraising platform, we offer you a CRM and marketing platform to:

  • Manage your donors, donations, and recurring payments

  • Manage your leads and potential donors

  • Market and engage with your donors and leads

You can see the CRM and its various features within your account. Each section will have a number of subsections once you expand each menu item.

What makes our platform unique?

We've always had a love-hate relationship with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. On the one hand, unless you want to manage your donors in Excel, a CRM is a tool that every non-profit needs. But on the other, many CRMs are impossibly heavy and hard to use, and struggle to provide the tools that will really help the life of a non-profit fundraiser.

Email marketing systems can be just as frustrating. While it's simple to send an email through MailChimp, managing and updating your mailing lists is always a struggle, and it's impossible to see which donors - and how many donations - you receive from each mailing.

Our CRM and marketing platform is something completely different. It's a simple and sophisticated platform built just for non-profits, that makes it easy to manage and engage your donors, and that leverages automation and AI to simplify your life as a fundraiser.

Manage your Donors and Donations

With My Donors, you can see all of the donations made by each individual donor, and then view their profile to add and manage their personal information, and see whether they opened or donated after receiving a newsletter from you.

With My Donations you can see your individual donations, and filter project, campaign, language, country, and so much more.

You can then create and save Donor Groups, and then send newsletters to these dynamic groups.

You can also import your donors and donations made offline, or through other platforms, so that you can manage them through our CRM.

Leads and Prospects

Leads are prospects, mailing list members, friends and family, emails that you acquired at fundraising events, and just about anyone who's not yet made a donation. in other words, they're potential donors. Add and edit leads one-by one, or import them in bulk. Then, you can search your leads, or organize them into Lead Lists and send them newsletters (once you've set-up your mail server.)

Engagement and Marketing

With our marketing system, send unlimited emails and newsletters to your donors, and up to 2,000,000 free emails per year to your mailing lists and leads. Use our easy-to-use wizard to create your newsletter, and then track the results - not just opens, clicks, and bounces but also donations that you've received from your mailing.

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