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Filter Donors by Language Spoken

Want to see only donors who speak Hebrew? Or only donors who speak English? We've now added a new filter to the Donors and Donations section that allows you to view donors by spoken language (English or Hebrew). We define the language they speak by the language that they entered their name in the donation form. So a donor who entered his name as David would be an English-speaking donor, and one who entered it as דוד would be a Hebrew-speaking donor.

Create users and manage their access

Want to give your colleague, or a service provider, access to your account, but to limit which sections they can visit? Now you can. When you add a user to your account, you can now define which sections of your account they're allowed to access:

Restarting recurring monthly donations

From the Recurring section of your account, you can see all of your recurring monthly donations (and donations made in installments).

We process recurring monthly donations every month, on the same day of the month (for example, a recurring donation made on March 6 will be processed again on April 6). But sometimes, the payment doesn't go through (maybe the donor yet pay his monthly bill, or the card was temporarily frozen). So, we try for 3 consecutive days (in this case, April 6, 7, and 8th).

If we're not able to process the donation after the third try, we'll send you an email and let you know.

Now, if you think that something has changed, you can now restart the recurring donation - just click the "Restart?" button:

You can then choose to restart the recurring donation immediately, or at a date in the future:

IBAN details

If you're fundraising with us in Canada and France, please enter your IBAN account details in the Bank Account section - this will speed up the refunds we send you for your Canadian and French fundraising.

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