Processing through the IsraelGives Foundation

When you first sign up for the IsraelGives platform, you can choose that any donations that you receive are made to - and receipted by - the IsraelGives Foundation. The Foundation pays the credit card fee and then donates to you the Net amount of the donation. IsraelGives then collects a 5% fee on this donation. So a donor makes a ₪100 donation by Visa, the Foundation will donate to you ₪99. IsraelGives will then issue you an invoice for 5% of this ₪99.

This option is available for organizations that have a Section 46 approval or are within your first 2 years of operations, and limited to ₪50,000.

Processing through your own merchant account

However, once you join as a member of IsraelGives, you can accept credit card and Bit donations with your own merchant account at Isracard, Visa CAL, Meshulam, or Payme. This enables you to receive funds into your own bank account, and issue receipts to your own donors.

For details about setting up and choosing your merchant account, click here.


The total fee that you pay consists of:

  • The credit card fee paid to your merchant provider.

  • The IsraelGives platform fee

Credit card fee

Your merchant provider will charge a fee that averages 1% for donations made by

Visa and Mastercard (other brands have higher fees). To see the fees of the different merchant providers and brands, click here.

IsraelGives platform fee

  • For campaigns where you activated our tip mechanism, our platform fee is 1.9% + ₪1.20.

  • For all other donations, our platform fee is 2.9% + ₪1.20.

Thus, all together, the total fee for most campaign donations will be 2.9% + ₪1.20, and for all other donations, the fee will commonly be 3.9% + ₪1.20.

As an example, here's how the total fee would break down for a Visa transaction:


Credit card


Total fee

Donation form


₪10 (1%)

₪29 (2.9%)

+ ₪1.20




₪10 (1%)

₪19 (1.9%)

+ ₪1.20



In order to accept Paypal donations, you can either connect your Paypal account to the IsraelGives platform and receive donations directly into your Paypal account - or accept Paypal donations through IsraelGives. In both instances, we'll issue a receipt to the donor in your organization's name.


Through our partner, we can issue an e-receipt in your name on every payment that you receive. The e-receipt is attached to the confirmation email sent to your donor. The cost is ₪0.70 per receipt.


The credit card fee and IsraelGives' platform fee (percentage) is charged by the credit card company. So if the total percentage fee of a donation is 2.9%, on a ₪1000 donation the credit card company will deposit ₪971 into your bank account.

All other fees (including our transaction fee of ₪1.20) are billed to you in a monthly invoice. This invoice is collected through hora'at keva (direct bank payment).

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