Cover my Fee

Now donors can cover your transaction fees so you can receive 100% of every donation.

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When you fundraise, you pay a credit card fee to the credit card company and a platform fee to us. But it'd be better (we know) if you didn't have to pay fees.

So we have a great feature called Cover my Fee which allows and encourages your donors to slightly increase their donation amount to cover the fees, leaving you with the full amount of the donation.

How does it work?

When you create a MYSITE donation form or a campaign, on the last step of the wizard you'll now see the question "Would you like to allow donors to cover the transaction fee"?

If you select "Yes", the following question will appear at the end of your donation form:

If the donor checks the checkbox, then the sum that we show them (in this example $2.90) is added to the donation sum. So if a donor was donating $100 and checked the box, their donation automatically increases to $102.90.

To see an example of a donation form uses the Cover my Fee feature, click here.

Do many donor opt-in to the Cover my Fee?

In our Beta testing, over 60% of donors opted-in to Cover my Fee, making it a great and easy way to upsell and increase your donation.

What about recurring monthly donations?

If a donor increases their donation amount from $100 to $102.90, then every month they'll be charged and receipted for $102.90.

What does it cost me to use the Cover my Fee feature?

Nothing - it's free.

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