PDF tax-receipts
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In many countries, the email confirmation can serve as a fully recognized tax-receipt. In other countries, it cannot, and a PDF receipt is required. GivingTech has full support for PDF receipting.

For charities in the U.S., U.K., and Australia

Although your email confirmation can serve as a tax-receipt, if you'd like for your donors to receive a PDF tax-receipt, we can set this up for you. Just contact us and we'll help you to set it up.

For charities in Canada, France, and Israel

For Canadian charities, our system will help you to set up, and will automatically issue in your name, CRA-recognized PDF tax-receipts.

For Israeli charities, we will send out digital document PDF receipts in your name.

For French charities, contact us and we'll set up a CERFA receipt for you.

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