Because your donors might not only be in your own country but around the world, we've created international partnerships to provide your international donors with full tax-deductible receipts when they donate to your organization. To learn more about our global giving platform, check out

We have international partnerships in the U.S., Canada, U.K., the European Union, and Australia.  

Each international partner has an application process that you're required to complete in order to receive donations through it. In general, the process is quick and simple (Canada is an exception to the rule, with a greater-than-usual application process).

To see what you need to do to qualify to receive tax-deductible donations from each international partnership, go to the International section of your account, or scroll down below.

Note that you can add a donation to your donation forms - and receive donations - in international currencies, even before you've completed the application process with an international partner. Our partner will receipt the donor, and hold on to the funds for you for up to 180 days until you've completed the process.


Set-up fee
There is a one-time set-up fee for opening your fundraising account with our international partner, as follows:

  • United States: no fee

  • United Kingdom: no fee

  • Canada: 1,000NIS (Israeli Shekel)

  • France: 1,000NIS (Israeli Shekel)

  • Australia: 1,000NIS (Israeli Shekel)

The fee will be charged at the outset of the process.

Transaction fee
Each international partner will charge a transaction fee on the donations that it receives on your behalf. If you're an organization from Israel, the fees are listed here. If your organization is from outside Israel, the transaction fees are listed here.

Criteria for eligibility

United States
To qualify to receive 501(c)3 tax-deductible status through our US partner America Gives, you'll just need to sign and upload a simple application form. If your charity is from Israel, you'll also need to upload 6 standard financial and legal documents:

  • Ishur Nihul Takin (or Nihul Takin Zmani for new organizations)

  • Sivug Malcar

  • Ishur Nihul Pinkasei Chesbonot

  • Ishur Nikui Mas B'Makor

  • Your last audited financial report

United Kingdom, France, Australia

Because of the way that Canadian law works, in order to offer your donors Canadian tax-receipts, you'll first upload a description of a specific project that you'd like to raise funds for (from Canadian donors). Our Canadian partner Canada Charity Partners will then evaluate the project and decide whether to adopt it. If it does, you'll become a contractor of Canada Charity Partners in the fulfillment of the project. You'll receive the funds in this manner:

  1. Donors will donate online, by check, or bank transfer, and receive tax-receipts from CCP.

  2. Canada Charity Partners will inform you by email that a new donation has been received.

  3. You'll then go off and invest in the project (buy goods and services, pay salaries, etc.) and then upload to your account your invoices and expense receipts.

  4. Canada Charity Partners will review the expenses and if approved, will send you a wire transfer of the funds, up to the amount that was contributed by donors.

When submitting a project, you'll need to provide the following information:

  • The name of the project 

  • A description of how the project will be carried out, its deliverables, milestones and goals.

  • What is the area or geographic region/cities in which the activity will be carried out?

  • Who specifically will benefit from the project (e.g. socio-economic situation and location)?

  • What will be the selection criteria of the project's beneficiaries?

  • When will the activity begin and end (there must be an ending date)? Identify a timeframe of 1-5 years.

  • What is your project's total budget?

Receiving donations before you've received approval

We allow you to receive donations in international currencies even before you've formally received approval from our international partner. In this case, the following things will happen:

  1. The donor will receive a full tax-receipt

  2. You will receive an email informing you that you've received a donation even though you haven't been approved to receive donations in that currency.

  3. You'll see in your donation records that a donation has been made of a particular sum and on a particular date, but you won't be able to see the donor's details.

  4. You'll have 6 months from the moment that the donation is made to fulfill our international partner's requirements and obtain eligibility to fundraise with them.

  5. If you do, the funds will be released to you (less a supplemental 2.5% fee) and the donor's details will appear fully in your account.

  6. If you don't, you'll lose eligibility to receive that donation.

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