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There's nothing more valuable than a recurring donation - because it's a donation that can last forever, as long as your donor's credit card is valid. But credit cards expire, or are sometimes lost or cancelled.

To solve this, we developed Infinity Donations, an AI-based service that automatically replaces expired or cancelled cards with the new replacement number. This service is free, included as part of our Recurring Donations platform.

Infinity Donations: US dollars and international currencies

Whether the payment is made by credit card or by Paypal, if a card expires or is cancelled and replaced, we'll automatically obtain from the credit card company the new replacement card. We'll then run your recurring payment using this new method. No intervention is needed on your part or the donor's part.

Infinity Donations: Israeli Shekels

  • Expired credit cards: When a credit card reaches its expiry date, the recurring donation will continue to run - even though the card expired.

  • Cancelled credit cards: If a credit card has been cancelled and replaced, we'll receive the replacement card (כרטיס מוחלף) from the credit card company, add it as a payment method for the donor, and then re-run the donation using the updated payment method. If we can't successfully obtain a replacement card, enter into the Recurring Donations section of your account, where you can see the details of all recurring donations that have stopped. You can then reach out to the donor to obtain a replacement card. Enter the new card number here, and then restart the recurring donation.

Please note that Infinite Donations is only supported when your merchant account (מספר ספק) is classified as a "הוראת קבע" account. To do this, contact your credit card company (or reach out to us for help).

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