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Donor Notifications
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As you know, a recurring donation is worth 3 times more than a one-time donation, but only if it continues more than 14 months. Well, on average our recurring donations last for 36 months. And that’s because we use AI to help your recurring donations last longer:

  • When a donor’s credit card expires or is replaced, we contact the credit card company to receive the replacement card for you, and automatically apply it to the recurring donation.

  • If a donation can’t process, we’ll try again on three consecutive days. If it’s still not successful, we’ll ask our AI whether we should try again. For example, if we receive a message from the credit card company that the payment failed because of a lack of available credit, we’ll wait for after payday and then try again.

But if AI is not successful in replacing the donor's credit card, then we'll reach out on your behalf to the donor informing them of the problem, and inviting them to contact you, or to make a new donation online (we'll send them the link to your donation form).

Simultaneously, we’ll send you an email with all of the donor’s details, so that you can reach out to them in the event that they don’t resolve the situation themselves:

Who gets notified about these failed recurring donations?

  1. Your organization email address, as you've recorded here.

  2. Any contacts that you've uploaded into your account.

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