My Donations
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On the My Donations page you can see and filter a list of donations (if you want to find or filter a list of donors, head to the My Donors page).

The first and most widely used feature on this page is the "free search", which allows you to find donations by donor name, email address, or the ID number of the donation.

In addition to the free search, we have 7 additional filters that you can use to find a group of donations:

  • Find a donation by the date range in which it was made.

  • Find a donation by the project or campaign that it was made towards.

  • Find a donation by the frequency of the donation (one-time, monthly, yearly).

  • Find a donation by currency.

  • Find a donation by the country that the donor donated from.

  • Find a donation by credit card type

  • Find a donation by the language that the donor speaks.

In the example below, we searched for all donations made by donors with "Jon" in their name. Remember, this is a list of donations, so donors may appear more than once in the results if they've made more than one donation.

  • At any point you can download to Excel all of the donations that appear on the list that you've created.

  • If you click on the donor's name, you'll be taken into the donor's profile, where you'll be able to see a summary of all of the donations that they've made, as well as their individual donations, personal information, and more.

My Donors

So far we've viewed all of your Donations. But what if you want to see groups of donors - for example, all of your donors from the United States, or all of the donors who have donated to a particular project, or all of the donors who are making recurring monthly donations? Then you want to check out the My Donors page.

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