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My Leads
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In our CRM, we have two types of users: a donor, and a lead. A donor is someone who's made a donation. You can view them through My Donors, and put them into Donor Groups.

In addition to donors, you can add and manage Leads. Leads are contacts that you've collected - it could be an email address from a petition, or the name of a potential donor who you've researched but not yet received a donation from.

You can view all of your leads in My Leads.

There are 4 filters that you can use when searching your leads:

  • Search by name or email address

  • Filter by country

  • Filter by language spoken: Hebrew or Latin (Latin refers to Latin characters, like in English, French, and Spanish).

  • Filter by lead list (below you can read more about lead lists).

When you're ready, click "search leads" (or "remove filters" to start over).

Based on your selection, you'll receive a list of results:

You'll see:

  • An ID number

  • Email address

  • The lead's first name and last name (if they exist)

To edit a lead, click the pencil icon. To delete them, click the trash icon.

If you want to save these results as mailing a list (what we call a lead list), just select the list name and click "+ Add". So, for example, if you use the Country filter to show me all leads from Australia, I can then add all of the results to my list called "Australia Leads".

If you want to save the results in a new list, just create a new lead list and then return to this page.

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