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Import Donors and Donations
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If you're just starting out, you might not have many donors in our system. So what you can do is to visit the Import Donations page to import all of your current donors and donations.

Here, you'll be asked to import a list of donations. For every donation, you'll enter - at minimum - the donor's email address. We use the email address to identify a donor:

  • If you enter a donation with an email address that's not yet associated with one of your existing donors, we'll create a new donor, and add that donation to that new donor's profile.

  • If you enter a donation with an email address that's already associated with one of your existing donors, we'll add the donation to that donor's profile.

Note that if the donor already exists in our platform, we will not overwrite any fields of information that the donor (or you) have previously entered for them. So, for example, if a donor exists under the email address [email protected] with the first name "Jon", and I now import a new donation using the email address [email protected] but with the first name "Ralph" - Jon will remain. If, however, you import a field of information that doesn't yet exist for the donor (ex. telephone number), we'll add it to the donor's profile.

Similarly, if you're importing new donations for a brand-new donor, and though you use the same email address you enter the donor's name differently for each donation (as in the example below), we'll only use the first entry, because we'll never overwrite existing donor information.













How to import donations

You'll import your donations as a CSV file. Download the template that you can find on the "Import Donations and Donors" page:

This will provide you with the names of each column. There, you'll place your data. For example, the column for Donor's First Name is "fnamec". So in that column, place your donors' first names.

The following fields are required fields and MUST appear in your CSV file:

  • Donor's email address

  • Donation sum

  • Donation currency

  • Donation frequency

Donation frequency is an example of a special value (you'll need to enter the frequency in a special format). To view the list of special values, click here.

If you're importing donations to a campaign and enter the campaign_url, then you also need to include a variable for

  • show_name

  • show_message

  • show_sum

After you upload your CSV file, we'll tell you how many records were successfully imported, and you can download a list of the records that were not:

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