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How our CRM connects to our marketing and fundraising platforms
How our CRM connects to our marketing and fundraising platforms
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Every organization needs a CRM to manage their donors and leads. And a marketing platform to communicate with your supporters. And a fundraising platform to enable them to donate.
Too often, these platforms are disconnected, and integrating between them can be a time-consuming struggle.
GivingTech offers you all three platforms, all in one place, completely integrated.

What does this mean in practice?

In practice this means that each platform connects automatically to one another, in an integrative manner.

CRM >> Marketing

After you've uploaded your data (donor, donations, contacts, leads) into the GivingTech CRM, you can create dynamic donor groups and lead lists. Then, through the Marketing platform, you can easily select those lists as recipients for your newsletter:

Marketing >> Fundraising

When you've sent your newsletter, you'll invite people to donate to your GivingTech donation form or campaign. Just like other email marketing systems, we'll then instantly report to you on the sent, bounced, open, and click rates of your mailing. However, unlike other systems, which are disconnected from your fundraising platform, the integrative GivingTech platform is also able to report to you on the number of donations and total revenue of each newsletter that you send.

Marketing >> CRM

After you send out a newsletter, you can see in each contact or lead's profile the newsletter that was sent, and whether the contact/lead opened, clicked, and donated:

Fundraising >> CRM

Every time a donor makes a donation, it instantly appears in their CRM profile:

You can see a summary of their giving, a list of all of their donations, and easily export their tax-receipts as a ZIP file:

CRM >> Fundraising

Because both your donor and your donation data are in the same place, it's simple to create queries to learn more and identify valuable donors. For example, you can filter donors by their total revenue, number of donations, language spoken, and last donation date.

You can then see a total for each donor meeting those criteria, and easily enter into their profile. You can also add them to Donor Groups and Lead Lists as described above.

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