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The Fundraising Management platform is meant to help you to manage your fundraising opportunities and activities, and complements our Donor and Lead Management CRM platform.


An opportunity is a chance to receive a new donation, from an existing donor, or from a lead. This could be a grant opportunity from a new foundation, or a repeat donation from an established donor.

Tasks and Assignments

Tasks are things that you need to get done in order to seize an opportunity. For example, to prepare a letter of inquiry by June 30. A task is different from an Activity in that it's something that you will do in the future, as opposed to an activity which was already conducted.


Activities are things that you've already done. For example, you can record a phone call that you had with a Donor. Or to log notes from an investigation that you did into an Opportunity.


Set an email reminder so that you or your team members don't forget their assignments.

How these are all connected

Every part of the Fundraising Management platform is interconnected. So, for example, when you create a Opportunity you can also create a Task or a Reminder related to the Opportunity.

So, for example, my opportunity could be "Bernstein Foundation Grant Application", and I could create a task to "Submit letter of inquiry" and set it for October 1, and then also a reminder on September 1 "Bernstein letter of inquiry due in 1 month".

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