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DAFTech Product Features: Admin
DAFTech Product Features: Admin
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The DAFTech Admin platform is designed to make it easy for you to manage and operate your Donor Advised Fund's fundholders and assets. Every action that is taken by a fundholder is reflected and reconciled in the Admin platform, from deposit to donation. Here's a breakdown of the features that you as the Admin have access to:

Custom Dashboard

We develop the dashboard to meet your specific needs. Here's an example of one dashboard:

Summary of assets

Here you can see a summary of:

  • Your total (approved) fundholders

  • Total assets currently held by your Donor Advised Fund, and of this:

    • Total assets in cash

    • Total value of investment port

  • Real-time cash balance in your bank account (coming soon)

  • Total donations made

Outstanding assignments

See and access your outstanding assignments:

  • Approve new fundholders

  • Confirm new deposits

  • Approve new donation requests

  • Approve new fund transfer requests

  • Review, execute new investment requests

Online fundholder registration

You define the fields of information that you want to appear on your online registration form. We support textual and numerical fields, questions, check boxes, dropdowns, and more. Here are a few examples:

Personal information

Categories of interest

Radio buttons, checkboxes, naming of initial fund

Once a fundholder application has been submitted, we have two methodologies that you can choose between:

  • Instant access: Immediately after registration, the fundholder gets taken into their account

  • Access after approval: After registration, the fundholder is thanked and then given access only after you've approved their application.

Search, Manage Fundholders

From your Admin platform, you can then easily search through all of your fundholders, view their total assets, and filter them by:

  • Name or ID number

  • Total account assets

  • Account status

  • US state (or Canadian province)

It's easy to view a fundholder (and their total assets), and you can enter into their account with the click on an icon:

Once you've reviewed their application, you can approve or reject it with the click of a dropdown:

Manage Deposits

Fundholders can deposit money into their funds in a number of manners, and the deposit method determines how you manage and approve them.

Credit card, PayPal

Credit card and PayPal payments are processed and approved instantly. The sum of the donation, less the credit card fee, is deposited into your Stripe/Paypal account, and this amount is attributed directly into your fundholder's fund. No approval or intervention on your end is needed.


ACH is a methodology that allows us to pull funds from a fundholder's bank account into your Stripe account. When a fundholder makes a deposit using ACH, the deposit is recorded and appears in both the fundholder's account and in your Admin platform. However, its status appears as "pending" because it generally takes 2-3 days to receive an approval of the payment. Once we receive the approval, the status of the deposit automatically changes from "pending" to "approved".

Check, EFT, Stock, Other methods

We ask fundholders to let us know when they plan to send you a check or wire transfer (or other deposit methods). The deposit then appears in the account with the "pending" status. When you receive the check or wire, after confirming the sum, you then change the status to "approved", or if the payment never arrives, change the status to "cancelled/rejected"

Receipting and Attribution

When the status of a deposit changes to "approved", two things happen:

  1. We create a PDF receipt for the amount of the deposit, and make it accessible to the fundholder through their account.

  2. We add the deposit amount to their fund balance.


Through their DAFTech account, a fundholder can place a donation to one of the charities that your Donor Advised Fund has chosen to support. DAFTech supports donating to any charity in the world, and sync to government databases in the US, Canada, UK, France, and Israel to keep a ledger of every active charity in those countries. Optionally, we can add to the search a set of charities or causes that are not public charities but that your DAF has chosen to make eligible for donating.

Once the donation has been placed, you will need to approve the requests. You can do this through the Donation Requests page. On this page, you'll see a summary of all donations that you've processed, and the donations waiting for your approval.

You can then search for donations by fundholder name or ID, donation status, donation date, and request date.

You can then see a list of all donations. The list includes the fundholder name, the charity they wish to donate to, the sum of the donation, the fundholder's available cash balance, and the current status of the donation. You can the accept or reject the donation request at the click of a button.

To save you time, you can also create automated approval rules, such as:

  • Automatically approve all donations in a certain sum range (ex. all donations less than $250).

  • Automatically approve all donations made by certain fundholders or from certain funds.

  • Automatically approve all donations made to certain charities.

International Giving

DAFTech makes it possible for your fundholders to donate to charities outside of your country. For example, American DAFTech clients can allow their fundholders to search for and donate to charities in Canada, Israel, the US, UK, Europe, and Australia.

We do this by partnering with America Gives, a US 501c3 public charity that facilitates international giving by performing charitable-equivalence determinations on foreign charities. In practice, when your fundholders asks to donate to a charity in Israel, you will make a donation towards America Gives, the 501c3 charity, with a recommendation that the funds be re-granted to the Israeli charity that the fundholder selected.

Recurring Donations

Donors can choose to place recurring monthly or yearly donations. There are two ways to approve recurring donations:

  • Approve every individual donation that's a part of the recurring order.

  • Create an automated approval rule to approve all donations connected to the recurring order, once you've approved the first donation.

Future Donations

Fundholders can select the date that they'd like to place the donation. For example, they can schedule a donation to be made before Chanukah or Christmas, or on December 31st.

When approving donations you can see the date that the fundholder requested the donation to be made on,


Fundholders can request to transfer money between their funds, or into the fund of a third party. Your admin platform enables you to approve or reject those requests.


DAFTech makes it easy for fundholders to view the real-time value and make-up of their investment portfolios, and to request changes to their portfolio.

Through Manage Investments, you can list the various investment options that you make available to your fundholders. The information that you provide includes:

  • The name of the investment product

  • A detailed description of the investment product

  • A profile picture or logo of the product

  • A link to the product's webpage

  • What market the product is traded on

  • The public trading symbol

  • The product's liquidity, risk rating, and impact rating

  • The minimum investment amount

Fundholders can then choose to make new investments, up to the cash balance of their fund, and these investments are brought to you for fulfillment. Once fulfilled, you record the buy/sell price of the investment, and this is deducted from the Fundholder's fund balance.

Manage Charities

Admin can manage the charities that you intend to send funds to, including record contact information, and bank account details. DAFTech shows you a summary of what you've donated to each charity, within this year and to date.

Other features include:

  • Fee contracts and manually adding fees

  • Reconciliation with external financial systems

  • Zapier, web export API connectivity

  • CRM

  • Task management

  • Email marketing

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