There's nothing more valuable than a recurring donation - because it's a donation that can last forever, as long as your donor's credit card is valid. But credit cards expire, or are sometimes lost or cancelled.

To solve this, we developed Infinity Donations, a AI-based service that automatically replaces expired or cancelled cards with the new replacement number.

For every currency other than Israeli Shekels, you don't need to do anything to activate Infinity - our AI will instantly identify credit cards that have been cancelled or expired, and will replace them with the new card. If for whatever reason we're not successful in replacing the card, we'll do the following:

  • We'll send an email to your organization's contacts, letting them know that a recurring donation stopped (so that you can reach out the donor and obtain a new card for them).
  • In the Recurring Donations section of your account, you can see the details of all recurring donations that have stopped.

If you're a nonprofit from Israel, we'll need to create you a special credit card processing account to apply Infinity to your donations. Please contact us and we'll help you to set that up.

For all other countries, all you need is your Stripe account (note that Paypal does not currently support this feature).

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