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Case Study: Does MYSITE really increase giving?
Case Study: Does MYSITE really increase giving?
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Think all donation forms are the same? We looked at how just 4 of MYSITE's features - SmartSums, Rescue my Donation, Currencies, and Infinite Card Replacement - helped one of Israel's leading fundraising non-profit organizations to raise an additional ₪1,800,000 in donations in 2020 alone.

SmartSums increases the average donation by 7%

Before using SmartSums, the average donation that this organization received was ₪423. After using SmartSums over the course of 2020, the average donation amount increased 7% to ₪455. This translated into an additional ₪1,060,000 for this organization.

Rescue my Donation saves ₪174,000 in donations

In 2020, 5% of donors who tried to donate were not successful in their first attempt. Immediately after not succeeding, our live chat and Rescue my Donation AI platform reached out to the donor and offered to helped them to complete their donation. In 2020, we helped 435 of this organization's donors to complete their donations, for a total of ₪174,060 in rescued donations.

Currencies - How adding one new currency brought an additional $162,000

Before 2020, our organization did not raise funds from Australia, because they did not have a tax-deductible channel. In 2020, they added Australian dollars as a currency to their MYSITE donation form, and provided Australian donors with tax-deductible receipts. The result was 237 new donations, totalling over $162,000 AUD.

Infinite Card replacement saves ₪317,000 in recurring donations

Our organization has thousands of monthly donors. Starting in 2019, the organization started using IsraelGives' Infinity Card Replacement, where we automatically replace expired or cancelled cards, without the donors (or the organization) needing to do anything. Since then, we've replaced the cards of 192 Israeli and international donors, which now bring them over ₪26,400 in donations every month. Add that to the ₪7,500 in recurring Paypal donations that they receive (which never expire), and that adds up!

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