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Creating custom email confirmations

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When a donor makes a donation, they immediately receive an email from us.

By default, we'll send a generic email in the name of your organization. But you can customize the email to reflect your messaging and branding.

You can customize your email using our easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor makes it easy to customize this email. You can easily add your logo and message, and merge in placeholders like donor name and donation amount. You can also create:

  • Different email confirmations for every language that you have a donation form in (English, Hebrew, French, Spanish, etc.).

  • Different email confirmations for different donation forms, campaigns, ticketed events, and projects.

To set up your email confirmations:

Sender name and sender email address, BCC on confirmations

By default, when we send an email confirmation to your donors, the sender name that appears for the emails is your organization’s name, and the sender (and reply-to) email address is your organization’s main email address.

However, you can customize this sender name and email address for each currency that you receive donations in. So, if you want donations in Israeli Shekels to be sent from your CEO's name, but donations in U.S. dollars to be sent from your US office's name, you can!

In addition, you can add the email addresses of all of the individuals that you'd like to receive email confirmations for each currency. So if you'd like your CEO to receive confirmations of U.S. dollar donations only, you can set that up. You can also set it up to that certain individuals get email confirmations for each donation made on a donation form or campaign.

These can be configured when creating your donation form or campaign.

WYSIWYG editor

When you create your email confirmation, you'll create a template with a number of "placeholders" that you will be merged with every donor's specific information. You can also upload your logo, a signature, and anything your heart desires.

The placeholders than can be merged are:

  • {0} = Date

  • {1} = Title

  • {2} = First Name

  • {3} = Last Name

  • {4} = Address1

  • {5} = Address2

  • {6} = City

  • {7} = State/Province

  • {8} = Country

  • {9} = Zip/Postal Code

  • {10} = Organization Name

  • {11} = Sum

  • {13} = Currency

  • {12} = Receipt number

  • [recurring_message] = Frequency. The result will be "recurring monthly", for yearly it will be "recurring yearly", and for a one-time donation, nothing will appear (our assumption is that if we don't show the frequency, then the donor will understand that it's a regular, one-time donation).

  • [currency_sign] = Currency symbol, like $

  • [campaign_name] – Campaign name

  • [reward_text] – The reward that a donor will receive from a Reward campaign.

  • [CFXX] – Will show a particular custom field that you've collected (CF1, CF2, etc.)

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