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Create a MYSITE donation form
Create a MYSITE donation form
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Creating a MYSITE donation form is easy.

First, click on "Create a MYSITE form" from within the Fundraising >> Donation Forms section of your account.

Now, you'll enter into a 5-step wizard

On the first step, you'll:

  • pick a one-word (letters and numbers) name for your form

  • Decide whether this is a form for a specific project or a general donation form.

  • If the latter, decide whether you want to add a dropdown list of your projects to the form.

On the next step, you'll:

  • Select the currencies that you'd like on your form

  • Select the frequencies that you'd like on your form

  • Enter the email addresses of people who you'd like to receive notifications of every new donation that you receive

Next, you can optionally change the sender name of the email confirmations that are sent to your donors, from your organization's name and email to something different. You can also choose a different sender name per currency.

Next, you can edit (or replace) the template of the e-card that we'll send out when a donor makes a donation in memory of or in honor of someone.

On the next step, you'll select the default suggested donation sums for both one-time (and yearly) donations, as well as monthly donations. If you're creating a form in Hebrew, you will select a set of sums for your English form, and separately for your Hebrew form. Note that SmartSums will automatically override any sums that you select.

On the next step, if you want to create a donation form that's also a landing page (as opposed to installing the form as an iframe or a pop-up in your own website), you'll select:

  • The background image or color

  • The content that will appear on the left and right sides of the donation form.

If you're planning on using the form as an iframe or pop-up, you can skip through these parts to the next section:

Next, you can enter your Analytics code, in the Head and Body of both the main donation form and the confirmation (thank-you) page.

Finally, you'll decide whether you want to allow your donors to pay in installments. We support classic installments (where payment is divided into separate payments but the entire amount is frozen on the donor's credit card) and Smart installments, our innovation where we "convert" a donation into separate monthly payments (so a $1,000 donation in 10 "installments" is converted into 10 monthly donations of $100).

You can then preview the English or Hebrew donation forms.

After saving, you'll see a list of your donation forms, with the total raised (and total number of donors) of each form. You can edit or duplicate a form, or delete it if you no longer want it to appear in this list. Click on the language of the form to see it's URL, which you can point to as a landing page, or use when installing the form as an iframe or as a pop-up.

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