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I've received a different sum of donations that the total sum on my campaign. Why?
I've received a different sum of donations that the total sum on my campaign. Why?

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Updated over a week ago

When you have a fundraising campaign, there are a number of factors that may cause the campaign's sum to be larger than what you actually receive:

  1. You can upload "offline donations" to your campaign (for example, donations that you've received directly, by check). These increase the total of your campaign, but then, of course, we won't transfer you these funds.

  2. When we send you funds, they are less the credit card and transaction fee that we charge. On the campaign page you see the gross amount of the donation.

  3. The campaign total will sum up all donations that you've received in various foreign currencies. If you're a non-profit, you won't be able to receive the funds until you've submitted a number of documents into your IsraelGives account.

  4. If a donor cancels their donation, the cancellation will affect the campaign total. Note, however, that the donor will still appear in the list of campaign donors.

  5. On the campaign page we use a set exchange rate for various currencies, and this may not reflect what the exchange rate is on the date that we convert the donation. For your reference, the exchange rates that we use are:

USD - 3.45

CAD - 2.5

GBP - 4.22

EUR - 3.75

AUD - 2.3

DKK - 0.53

HKD - 0.01

HUF - 0.02

NOK - 0.38

NZD - 0.92

PLN - 1

SGD - 2.6

SEK - 0.4

CHF - 3.6

RUB - 0.06

KRW - 0.003

AED - 1

DZD - 0.03

EGP - 0.2

LBP - 0.002

MAD - 0.4

QAR - 1

SAR - 1

TRY - 0.6

ZAR - 0.24

BRL - 1

ARS - 0.08

UAH - 0.14

MXN - 0.19

PEN - 1.07

In your donation records, you can see every donation alongside the exact exchange rate and the amount re-granted for each donation. This can help you to add up the net amount of your donations, and ensure that you've received everything that you're entitled to.

Note: Up to 18/06/2020 we were factoring in recurring monthly donations to your campaign total at a rate of x12. Meaning that if you received a ₪100 recurring monthly donation on your campaign, we'd add ₪1,200 to your campaign total. But because this was causing a lot of confusion to donors and to campaign owners, as of this date we've stopped doing this and now just show on the campaign the actual donations made over the course of the campaign.

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