Instead of charging you a platform fee, we ask your donor to leave us a tip to fund our platform.

The tip is added onto each donation. So, if a donor is donating ₪100 and leaves a 10% tip, the donation total amount will be ₪110.

  • In your summary of donations, there will be separate columns for the gross donation sum and the tip, so that you can see the difference between them.

  • In the invoice, for your convenience, you'll see your regular donations (line 1) separated from the tip donations (line 2). We'll then "charge" you for the tip, less 17% VAT (you aren't actually paying for the tip, rather it's being deducted from the "extra" donations that you received). See for example:

Note that when totalling the funds raised on your campaign page, we will exclude the tips that you received. So that if your campaign fundraised ₪110,000, but ₪10,000 of this were tips, the 'total raised' of the campaign will be ₪100,000.

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