Every time you create a campaign, your donor can choose, in place of making a regular one-time donation, to make a recurring monthly donation.

But you can also create 2 types of campaigns where the default selection, and the orientation of the campaign, are recurring donations:

Regular Campaign

On our regular campaigns, you can select the option of "is this a campaign to collect recurring donations?". In this case, "recurring monthly" will be the default option when donors click the "donate" button on your campaign.

  • On this campaign, the goal of the campaign will be displayed in monetary terms (ex. We've raised $10,000 out of our $50,000 goal)

Membership Campaigns

If you select "Membership" as your campaign type, your campaign will be automatically focused on recurring monthly donations. You'll be able to present different membership levels, and the default frequency of every donation will be recurring monthly.

  • In Membership campaigns, the goal of the campaign is presented in terms of the number of people you join your campaign (ex. 100 people out of 200 goal).

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