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Results and Revenue
Results and Revenue
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Once you've scheduled or sent your newsletter, you can manage them and see the results through the Results and Revenue page.

  • Click the pencil icon to edit your newsletter, the paper icon to duplicate it, and the trash icon to delete it.

Once your newsletter has gone out, you'll see the following statistics:

  • The number of messages that we sent

  • The number of messages that bounced back (usually due to an incorrect email address)

  • The number of messages that were opened

  • The number of messages in which the recipient clicked on a link in the message

  • The number of donations that you received from people who received the message

  • The total revenue that you made from this newsletter

Bounced emails

When an email bounces, we automatically disable your ability to send an email to that email address. This protects your mailing quality score. When you perform a mailing, by clicking on the number of bounced emails in that newsletter, you can export a list of the emails that bounced in that mailing.

How do you track donations and revenue?

When a recipient clicks on a link in your email, we install a cookie in their browser. This cookie doesn't track any personal information or actions, but simply builds a connection between your email and their donating.

If within one month after receiving your email the donor makes a donation to your organization (before donating to a different organization through our platform), that donation will be counted towards your mailing's revenue.

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