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Create a new newsletter
Create a new newsletter
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Our create a new newsletter wizard enables you to easily create and send your email or newsletter. It makes it easy to create your email, to decide whom to mail it to, and to schedule and send it. Just follow the simple steps:

Select your recipients

You can send your newsletter to:

You'll be able to add as many of the donor groups or lead lists as you like. Note that when you add a donor group or lead list, we'll display in brackets (XX) the number of recipients included in each group or list.

Name your mailing

Then, select a name for your mailing (for your reference only).

Select your "From" Name and "Reply-to" Email address

The "From" name is the Sender Name. it could be your organization's name, your CEO's name, or whatever you choose. The Reply-to email is the email that recipients will reply to if they click "reply" to your email.

Email Subject

Select a subject for the newsletter. You can merge into the subject the donor's first or last name, if you want a subject like "Hey Jon, there's something we want to tell you"

Email Content

Then, use our WYSIWYG editor to insert and edit your newsletter code, or use one of our email templates, which are vetted to work and look great on all major mobile devices, on Gmail, and on Outlook (not an easy feat - but super important!).

Email Scheduling

Then, decide when we should send your email - either immediately, or at a scheduled time. Select the date, hour, and time zone (if you want your New York-based donors to receive the mailing at 10am, selecting either select 10:00 AM and the New York time-zone, or 5:00 PM and the Israel time zone would produce the same result).

Test your Mailing

Before sending, we recommend you send yourself a test - to make sure that it looks good on your device (we suggest checking it out on different devices and email programs) and appears just as you'd like.

Save as a Draft, or Send/Schedule

Not ready to schedule the mailing? Just save it as a draft. Ready to go? Click "send" and we'll save your mailing and send it at your scheduled time.

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