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Adding custom questions to your MYSITE form
Adding custom questions to your MYSITE form

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You can add a number of custom fields to your MYSITE donation form. We support the following types of fields:

  • Input field (of text or numbers)

  • Input field (of numbers only)

  • Input field (multiple lines)

  • Dropdown list

  • Checkbox

How do I create a custom field?

After first creating a custom MYSITE donation form, head to the My MYSITE forms section of your account:

Here, you'll see a list of your MYSITE custom donation forms. To add a custom field to your form, click on the + icon under "actions":

Now you'll arrive at the custom fields management page for this donation form.

Click "add new custom field" to create a new custom field, or use one of the action icons to edit or delete your custom field:

When adding a new field, you can choose between 5 types of fields:

  1. Input field (of text or numbers): Use this if you want your donor to enter a combination of text and/or numbers

  2. Input field (of numbers only): Use this is you want to limit the donor to enter integers only (like in an ID number)

  3. Input field (multiple lines): Use this if you expect the donor to enter multiple lines of text

  4. Dropdown list

  5. Checkbox

Some things to note:

  • When creating a field, if your organization is from Israel, you'll be asked to enter a value for both the English and Hebrew versions of your donation form.

  • You'll also be asked whether you want the custom field to be a required field (in which the donor will be required to enter a value in order to donate).

  • Finally, you'll need to define the order of your custom fields. So, for example, if you have two fields, a dropdown and a checkbox, but want the dropdown to appear above the checkbox, you'll make the order of the dropdown "1" and the order of the checkbox "2".

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