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Now all of your online donors - on your donation forms and on your campaigns - can sign up for RoundUp (עיגול לטובה) online. Each donor earns you ₪4 per month in new revenue.

How does it work?

When a donor donates in Israeli Shekels (in English or in Hebrew), on the confirmation page that they arrive at when they complete their donation, they'll see the RoundUp sign up form. Once they fill out their teudat zeut and click "I agree", IsraelGives will pass their details on to our friends at RoundUp, and tell them that this donor wants to RoundUp for your organization.

For an example of how the form looks, click here.

How much does this service cost?

This service is free to any non-profit organization using the IsraelGives platform.

I'm not yet registered for RoundUp, what do I do?

Sign up for RoundUp by calling *6360 or emailing [email protected]

Do I need to already be registered for RoundUp in order to receive this service from IsraelGives?

No. We'll hold onto your donors' information until you've completeld the RoundUp sign up process.

After completing a donation I take my donor to my website (and skip the IsraelGives confirmation page). Can I still use this service?

Yes. You can install the English form or Hebrew form as javascripts on your own confirmation page, and we'll submit your donor's details to RoundUp as we do for donors who complete the form on our Confirmation page.

I don't want to use Roundup. How do I opt-out?

No problem - just contact us and we'll remove it from your confirmation forms.

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