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Tasks and Assignments
Tasks and Assignments
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Tasks and assignments are things that need to get done. We designed this feature with your fundraising in mind, but you could use this task management platform as you might a platform like

Here's how to create a new Task.

1. Assign users

First, select the User(s) to whom you'd like to assign the task (to add or manage your users, click here.

2. Subject, description, and status

Then, provide a Subject and Description to the Task. And then select the task's status:

  • Not started

  • In progress

  • Waiting for someone else

  • Completed

  • Deferred

3. Association: Donor or Lead

Then, select the Donor or Lead that the task is associated with (if you'd like to associate a task to an Opportunity, edit the opportunity and click on "save and create task").

4. Due Date

Next, set a due date for the task.

Finally, either save the task, or save it and create a reminder.

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