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Donation forms are our specialty. We offer two types of donation forms:

  1. A ready-to-use donation form.

  2. A fully customizable MYSITE donation form.

Ready to use donation form
The first form is a simple, pre-built donation form. All that you need to do is to copy the link you'll find in your account, and you're good to fundraise. You can also add different parameters to make the donation process even quicker for your donors. 

The form will also automatically include the organization logo that you uploaded into your account.

MYSITE custom donation form
We think that the MYSITE donation form is the best, most effective donation form in the world. You can fully customize it, embed it, pop it up, throw on 35 currencies and sophisticated AI algorithms and logic, and impress the entire team.

To learn more about the MYSITE donation form, click here.

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